Poem: I Ate the Cosmos for Lunch

mb42-IAte1 I ate the cosmos for lunch And then again for dinner What will I tell my friends?

I noticed that I am bigger now too— More to me than I thought.

Not only is my Mom inside me, And that would be enough. I also have my Dad, blood ancestors and Spiritual ancestors. The Sangha, mindfulness trainings, Thay and the Buddha.

There’s more too.

Like the Forest I lived in for five years, Walking home on a dirt road in the moonlight, Or moonless night, to a ring of redwoods Where I made my home.

And freight trains, as they creak and groan Like monsters waking up, As they start moving down the tracks, Taking my friends and me on adventures across the country.

And my feline friend who started sleeping over on his own And stayed with me for four years.

The list is quite endless.

But let me get this straight—I’m empty, Yet I have the entire cosmos inside me.

I’m sure my friends will notice this, And how much bigger I’ve become. More solid, more joyous. More compassionate and loving.

More able to live how I truly want— Joyfully working for the care, respect And dignity of all beings.

And my friends will want to know my secret. I guess I’ll start with: Breathing in, and Breathing out…

—Caroline Nicola

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