Poems by Thay Giac Thanh

mb45-Poems1 Tears for My Homeland Oh my beloved homeland, So many long quiet nights I lay awake, crying tears of love for you. Oh my beloved homeland, What have you done to deserve this? To let those demons torture you so, Without remorse, compassion, or brotherly love. They sold you to the Devil King. Out of love for you I buy you back with my own flesh and blood, With my wisdom, my very heart, And with my whole being. Even if this body burns into ashes, I vow to spread them along the road to peace.


Dying Poems will die. Ten-thousand-year-long loves will also die. Clouds swirl, obscuring the whole sky. On life’s journey, there are ups and downs But one day I will shake free from all my worldly debt.

Formless Samadhi Clear water on one side, Urine on the other, All will return to sky, clouds, oceans, and rivers. There is sunlight during daytime And moonlight at night Shining my way.


Being Sick My skin and flesh are wasted, My body is withered, But my heart is still joyful as spring flowers. Rivers, mountains are extensive. Why hesitate to give up this tiny body? I return it to the immense earth and sky.

Proclamation As a wanderer who has no home By chance I met you While wandering from place to place. My younger brothers and sisters from Vietnam, You are green mountains, rivers, Morning sunlight, and dewy flowers. You are joyful, innocent, and light, As white clouds drifting in the deep blue sky Along with the first light of a new day. If in youthful folly, You lose your way, falling into steep gorges Deep in the mountains, All you need is a gentle breeze Of understanding and love To bring you back To the lofty sky and vast oceans. You do not need raging storms Of anger and hatred. Please do not scold or blame My younger brothers and sisters For I fear that the gray color of sadness Would darken their pure hearts.

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