Poem: Midwinter 2006

mb47-Midwinter1 Though the seasons have gone awry And we are out of sync with nature Though glaciers and ice fields melt And drought cuts swaths across Africa Though waters rise in Bangla Desh And obliterate Pacific islands We lucky ones can still live on our sweet earth And celebrate midwinter

Though we should buy less And we are buying more Though we should drive less And the roads grow ever longer We have begun to realize The limits of our planet home We have begun the huge turning Back to a sustainable life

We have begun to find pleasure Back in the simple things The rosiness of dawn The preciousness of bird song The need for fertile soil And seas teeming with diversity The need to touch earth And be around growing things


And so this winter As humanity hovers at decision point As we, ourselves, Pause between the old year and the new We can make it a turning point To commit to our sweet Mother Earth Our time, energy and love In actions that will give us and our children’s children a future.

—Kate Evans

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