Poem: God of the Silences


As the young vine, after the frost Reaches up its whitened arms to the sun So my soul reaches out to you God of the silences

As the frozen ground Stretches itself out for the sun’s warmth So my soul offers itself to you God of the silences

As the small bird flies with delight From thawing branch to thawing branch So my soul sings at your approach God of the silences

As the trees raise their branches to the bluing sky In adoration of the returning sun So my soul rises singing from my fragile body To you God of the silences

Out of the frozen winter of unknowing Into the paths of fellowship I go Thanks be to you God of the great and small silences

See the little flowers, the little yellow and white flowers That have come out after the frost See the little birds That fly for joy in the air

As life begins again After the frozen embrace of midwinter My soul laughs and sings in your warmth God of the silences

—Kate Evans York, United Kingdom

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