How Can We Help the Children in Vietnam?

mb48-How1 In many regions of Vietnam the social infrastructure is non-existent. In mountainous areas parents are forced to work long hours in order to scrape a living from the stony soil. Young parents who work on tea and coffee plantations in the central and northern highlands are not able to care for their children as they are working. Moreover the elderly relatives who could help are often living very far away. At a very young age children are left alone for the whole day. There is a serious risk that they may drown in ponds or puddles, be bitten by snakes, fall and hurt themselves, and so on.


Any help we can contribute for the care and education of young children in poor areas of Vietnam is very precious. Our help for the schools includes facing the issue of malnutrition, from which sixty percent of young Vietnamese suffer. In our schools children are given a midday meal and a glass of soy milk. Education provides families with hope that they can improve the lot of their children in the future and find relief from grinding poverty.

  • $15 a month will provide a child with a nourishing meal once a day and an education in nursery school or primary or high
  • $30 a month pays the salary of a school teacher who will teach twentyfive children in a remote

We are in great need of your help to continue this work. Please send your donation to one of the addresses below. We depend on you to continue this beautiful and noble service.

U.S.A. Make a check to “UBC Deer Park” and mail to: Deer Park Monastery 2499 Melru Lane Escondido CA 92026 USA Or transfer funds directly to account of Deer Park Monastery, 029-1314078, Wells Fargo Bank, 145 Escondido Blvd., Escondido CA 92025 routing transit number 121-04-28-82.

France Make a check to “EBU Village des Pruniers” and mail to: Loving Kindness Temple 13 Martineau 33580 Dieulivol France Attn: Sister Chan Khong

Europe and Asia Transfer funds to UBS Bank, Aeschenvorstadt 1, CH Basel, Switzerland; account of Sister CAO N.P.F. Chan Khong for the Unified Buddhist Church; attn: Mr. Guy Forster; 0233-405 317 60 D in USD, 405 31701 N in Swiss Francs, and 405 317 61 F in Euros; Swift Code: UBS WCH ZH 40A

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