Want to Go Digital?

When you look at a rock or a tree deeply, you can see the Buddha.
– Thich Nhat Hanh (the Mindfulness Bell #69)

You may change your current subscription from print to digital format, starting with issue 76 (Autumn 2017). The content and design will be identical in digital (password-protected PDF) and print formats. 


Your choice to change to the digital format will help save trees and conserve energy, while saving our community the ever-increasing costs of printing and mailing.

The remaining print issues of your current subscription will be converted to the number of digital issues of similar dollar value. For example, if you paid $30 for a one-year subscription and have 2 issues remaining, you will instead receive the next 4 digital issues. Please email subscriptions@mindfulnessbell.org for further details.

If you wish to receive the digital version of the Mindfulness Bell instead of your current print subscription, please submit the following:

Happy Farm, Plum Village 2015 courtesy of Paul Davis

Happy Farm, Plum Village 2015 courtesy of Paul Davis

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Subscriber's Name