Submission Guidelines


The heart of the Mindfulness Bell is the creative expression of mindfulness practice offered by practitioners throughout the world. The beauty of each issue comes from the creative fruits offered by our readers.

Photo courtesy of Fe Langdon

Photo courtesy of Fe Langdon

The Mindfulness Bell invites submissions of prose, poetry, photography, and artwork for our upcoming issues. Material should include specific examples of how mindfulness practice in daily life is helping to transform suffering, create peace, and improve relationships and well-being. Please share from your personal practice and from your heart.

We welcome your stories, essays, poems, and feature articles, and we especially request stories, poems, and artwork from children and teens.

Upcoming themes

Engaged Practice with Current Events

We welcome articles on current events, applying our practice to the wider world, for the Summer 2018 issue of the Mindfulness Bell.

Please share submissions of stories, articles, and poems on:

– What specific teachings from Thay have been helpful? What new insights have you learned through this socially engaged practice? What has been challenging? What has been supportive or nourishing? How have you worked with other practitioners to affect change in the wider world?

Topic suggestions (not limited to these): climate change; fracking; animal rights, safety, and security; food security; immigration, refugee camps; sexual harassment and violence; terrorism; racial issues; European immigration support work; pro-democracy struggles in your country; Myanmar situation; Middle East peace and reconciliation efforts, such as Jews and Palestinians, Syria, and Islamic work.

– How you practice the First Mindfulness Training, “Reverence For Life,” or the Fourth Mindfulness Training, “Loving Speech and Deep Listening,” with current events and how this practice has transformed your life (see

– How you balance engaged activism and home life mindfully. 

– How you practice deep listening and loving speech with people whose political views are different from yours, and work with strong emotions.

Send your stories / articles / poems (no more than 1,500 words), a photo to accompany your submission with a file size of at least 1 MB (optional), a photo of yourself, and a 2-3 sentence bio to by February 28, 2018*.

Submissions of artwork and photography are also welcomed.

* No exceptions will be made to submit past this deadline. Thank you for your understanding.

Art and Photo Submissions

Photo courtesy of Fe Langdon

Photo courtesy of Fe Langdon

We appreciate photos, artwork, illustrations, and cartoons from your local Sangha, family, and community. Please send images as TIF or JPG files, 1 MB or larger. We can return originals sent by mail.

Submission Due Dates

  • February 28 for the Summer issue
  • May 15 for the Autumn issue
  • September 30 for the Winter/Spring issue

It may take eight to twelve weeks for submissions to be reviewed. If you have not received a response within twelve weeks, you are welcome to contact us to inquire about the status of your submission.

How to Send

The preferred method is to email files to Artwork should be sent as JPG or TIF files, 1 MB or larger. You may also send written submissions, original art, photos, or a CD of digital images to:

The Mindfulness Bell
PO Box 5131
San Diego, CA 92165