Job Opportunity: Managing Editor

Managing Editor for the Mindfulness Bell magazine

Unique opportunity for sincere practitioner in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh and Plum Village to be of service to the international Sangha. Tasks include: coordinating all details of publication for each issue; performing substantive content editing and proofreading; working closely with authors and graphic designers; managing volunteer copy editors and proofreaders; and collaborating with a team to maintain and update a website.

Outstanding skill in editorial management and communication are required. Must be extremely well organized, detail oriented, and self motivated. Must be able to network and work harmoniously with the Mindfulness Bell Care-Taking Council, monastics, writers, designers, volunteers, advertisers, printing and mailing companies, and a wide range of people worldwide. Must have expert skill with email, ease with Google Drive functionalities, and proficiency with word processing programs.

Required software: basic programs such as email and image management software; word processing program such as Microsoft Word; Adobe Acrobat; audio editing software.

This is part-time, cyclical work; time commitment may range from 40 to 80 hours per month. Compensation is provided.

If you have questions about the position, please contact Natascha Bruckner,

If you would like to apply, please send your resume and cover letter to Resumes will be accepted through March 31, 2017.

Job Description

As a senior member of the Mindfulness Bell’s publication team, the managing editor oversees all aspects of the publication, guides the production process, and reports to the Care-Taking Council.

Basic requirements

  • Profound personal commitment to the practice as taught by Thich Nhat Hanh

  • Deep knowledge of Thay’s teachings

  • Connections to the fourfold Sangha, especially to lay Dharma teachers and practice centers

  • Basic knowledge of t the Buddha’s teachings and history of Buddhism, including how it is practiced today

  • Participation in and ongoing support from a local Sangha


  • Oversee creation and publication of each issue: review and respond to submissions; determine themes and select content; create fluid, inspiring collections of teachings and stories of interest to the Mindfulness Bell audience; work with authors to help revise their writing; choose and edit Dharma talks; perform substantive content editing and proofreading to align with Plum Village style/tone, Parallax Press Style Sheet, and other style conventions; organize sequence of content; organize and help select graphics; create and implement production schedule for editing, design, printing, and mailing

  • Manage volunteer copy editors, proofreaders, and graphic designers; assign projects and review their work

  • Maintain excellent organization: plan, prioritize, and accomplish tasks on deadline, work with self-imposed time lines, and tend to a high level of detail with multiple projects

  • Collaborate with volunteers to maintain and update website (

  • Work harmoniously with the Mindfulness Bell staff and Care-Taking Council (CTC), as well as monastics, lay Dharma teachers, volunteers, advertisers, printing and mailing company staff, Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation staff, Parallax Press staff, and editors of other publications such as Buddhadharma and Sangha newsletters

  • Schedule, coordinate, facilitate, and take notes for phone and video meetings with CTC and various volunteers and collaborators

  • Support publicity through public speaking at retreats, crafting of announcements/updates, and collaborative work with marketing coordinator and volunteers


  • Excellent managing editorial skills, preferably with experience in magazine publishing

  • Outstanding communication skills: clear and concise writing; articulate expression of ideas; deep listening; compassionate and loving speech

  • Good graphic design sense and ability to work closely with remotely located graphic designer to craft a visually beautiful journal

  • Expert skill with email: sending and receiving attachments, organizing messages in folders

  • Ease with Google Drive file creation, organization, and sharing, and with Google Calendar scheduling

  • Expertise with word processing software (e.g., Microsoft Word) including familiarity with templates and paragraph styles; revision tracking; tables; headers and footers; etc.

  • Ability to mark up PDFs for graphic designer

  • Competence (and equipment) to transcribe audio files

  • Familiarity with image editing software and working with JPEG or TIFF files for print

  • Required software: basic programs such as email and image management software; word processing program such as Microsoft Word; Adobe Acrobat; audio editing software

  • Working knowledge of social media and online platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and SquareSpace

  • Ability to work in physical isolation, using excellent electronic communication skills

  • Familiarity with recent history of the Mindfulness Bell

March 2017