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Sangha Directory

Photo courtesy of David Nelson

Mindfulness Community of Milwaukee

Meeting Location:

1922 East Park Place, Milwaukee, WI, 53211, USA


Paul Norton

Meeting times:

Sunday 8 to 930 am (Milwaukee, Park Place)
Sunday 10am to noon (Milwaukee , Park Place)
MWF 630 to 7 am, (Milwaukee, Park Place)
Monday 7 to 830 pm(Milwaukee, Park Place)
Tuesday 7 to 830 pm (Waukesha, United Unitarian Universalist Community)
Wednesday 7 to 830 pm (Milwaukee, Park Place)
Thursday 7 to 830 pm(St. Francis)
Saturday 10 am to noon (Milwaukee, Park Place)

We have two centers in
town, 1922 East Park Place, Milwaukee and 3211 S. Lake Dr., rm. 316 in
St. Francis

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