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Photo courtesy of David Nelson

Flowering Tree Sangha

Founded in 2005, Order Member Led

Meeting Location:

541 Cowper Street, Suite C, (usually); please contact: to confirm location, Palo Alto, CA, 94301, USA


Renee Burgard

Meeting times:

every Friday evening from 6:15 - 8:45 pm, Mindfulness & Health Office, 541 Cowper St, Suite C, Palo Alto, CA 94301

"Flowering Tree Sangha: (Founder/Facilitator - Renee Burgard) We meet in the cozy and welcoming "Mindfulness & Health" (Renee's) office in the California Yoga Center in downtown Palo Alto (is accessible, with easy parking). Vibrant core group of 8-10. Meets 6:15-8:45 on Friday evenings. Practice: Sit-Walk-Sit, tea meditation with 5 contemplations, dharma sharing, reading from one of Thay's books (working our way through a book at a time - Joyfully Together, Path of Compassion, Teachings on Love, etc), dharma discussion, singing; 5 and 14 MT recitations monthly. Cultivating ease of facilitation, rotating serving as bell master among all regular members (with a guide sheet to help). Care of sangha – Second Body practice recently revived; facilitator and CTC create and distribute materials to support our practice, and developing a booklet as a guide. Cultivating and supporting Peninsula-SouthBay regional Days of Mindfulness together with Flowing Water Sangha; held regional Family Day of Mindfulness, planning more. Offering assistance to one another - eg. 8 of us took shifts together helping set up one member's elementary school classroom this past year; 8 of us gathered for a day in August to offer input for a book about a tree and our practice that the facilitator is creating; facilitator officiated at the marriage of one member and 7 other members attended for this joyful occasion. Flowing as a river, with many tributaries coming and going :)"

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