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Issues must be consecutive for multi-issue discount.

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Winter/Spring Issue: reserve by November 1; art/copy due by December 1

Summer Issue: reserve by March 1; art/copy due by April 1

Fall Issue: reserve by July 1; art/copy due by August 1

The Mindfulness Bell is distributed internationally with approximately 85% of subscriptions in the US. Most of the 3000-3500 copies are distributed through subscriptions, while the rest are sold at public events and retreats, and in bookstores at practice centers. Readers tend to keep, re-read, and circulate issues. 

Reservations/Information: Marketing manager, ads@mindfulnessbell.org

Final copy & art: Managing editor, editor@mindfulnessbell.org

Payment in US dollars is due with reservation.

Cancellations or order changes cannot be accepted after copy deadline.

We only accept advertising that is consistent with and supportive of the practice of mindful living. To mail at non-profit rates, we are not permitted to accept advertisements soliciting sales for insurance; credit, debit or charge accounts; or certain travel arrangements.