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In the Current Issue


  • In “Mindful Consumption,” Thich Nhat Hanh tells about the Five Mindfulness Trainings as a bodhisattva path and explains how to work with blocks of pain.
  • Sister Jina reflects on cooking mindfully in the kitchen while Thay gave talks in the dining room next door.
  • Practitioners share about the rewards and struggles of following a plant-based diet and engaging in mindful practices, such as a chocolate meditation, transformation of overeating habits, and making of “nut cheeze.”
  • Interviewees reveal heartfelt insights from their experiences with rescuing farmed animals and creating animal sanctuaries.
  • Plant-Powered Sanghas describe how they practice together, and offer a guided meditation for compassionate, plant-based eating.
  • Illustrations from Brother Phap Ban and Brother Phap Ho, as well as a new Mindfulness Training and deep looking into mindful eating.


News and Updates

In the Featured Archive Issue

Issue #31 from Summer 2002 celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the founding of Plum Village in France and of that style of mindfulness practice throughout the world.

It features a Dharma talk by Thich Nhat Hanh and articles on the backbone of Plum Village, embracing and transforming, family and community, fruits of daily practice, and sowing the seeds of peace, loving kindness, and understanding.

Enjoy reading Issue #31 (parts 1 and 2), or explore the entire archive.

#31 Summer 2002 (1 and 2)

#31 Summer 2002 (1 and 2)

Global Sangha Directory

Thich Nhat Hanh has stated that "The next Buddha will be a Sangha." A sangha, or local community, is a group of mindfulness practitioners who gather to meditate and to support each other on the path. We offer this global Sangha directory with the hope that it will help you to connect with a local community and nourish your practice. If there are no local communities near you, there are resources for joining an online community or for helping you start a Sangha.

Featured Dharma Talk

In this wonderful Dharma talk from 2007, Thich Nhat Hanh offers a "meditation on a grain of corn," showing how the corn seed is not the same but not different from the corn plant. He explains why the wisdom of interbeing allows us to experience nondiscrimination, harmony, and peace. Thay tells the story of the Sutra of the Son's Flesh, and gives statistics about the resources that are used to produce meat and dairy products, to illustrate the vital importance of mindful consumption. He also shares about the Five Mindfulness Trainings as a bodhisattva path.

Featured Teachings

We are fortunate to have many practices and teachings made available to us from Thay and the fourfold community.  Here you'll find some featured books, audio and video teachings from our sister sites.

5th & 6th Exercises of Full Awareness of Breathing

5th & 6th Exercises of Full Awareness of Breathing