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In the Current Issue

summer 2017

  • In "Handling Strong Emotions," Thich Nhat Hanh shows how to embrace anger with mindfulness, then use the language of love to restore harmony in relationships.
  • Victoria Rosas Peribán reflects on the Forest of Interbeing project – which has planted over 3,000 trees in Mexico – in "Caring for the Forest That Cares for Us."
  • Brother Phap Luu and Katherine Weare share about the birth of the book, Happy Teachers Change the World: A Guide for Cultivating Mindfulness in Education.
  • Seasoned activists tell how they avoid overwhelm and stay balanced while working to make a better world.
  • Michael and Fern, founders of MorningSun Mindfulness Center, discuss the delights and struggles of creating a residential practice center.

News and Updates

In the Featured Archive Issue

Issue #31 from Summer 2002 celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the founding of Plum Village in France and of that style of mindfulness practice throughout the world.

It features a Dharma talk by Thich Nhat Hanh and articles on the backbone of Plum Village, embracing and transforming, family and community, fruits of daily practice, and sowing the seeds of peace, loving kindness, and understanding.

Enjoy reading Issue #31 (parts 1 and 2), or explore the entire archive.

#31 Summer 2002 (1 and 2)

#31 Summer 2002 (1 and 2)

Practice with a Local Group

Local communities of mindfulness practitioners gather to meditate, share their joys and difficulties, and encourage each other on the path of practice. Meeting regularly with others to sit and share together is a precious way to cultivate our understanding and compassion and to re-establish our deep connection with others.

Come to an Event

Deepen your practice, touch the teachings and connect with friends on the path by joining one of the many community events.

Photo courtesy of Brother Communion

Photo courtesy of Brother Communion

Featured Teachings

We are fortunate to have many practices and teachings made available to us from Thay and the fourfold community.  Here you'll find some featured books, audio and video teachings from our sister sites.

5th & 6th Exercises of Full Awareness of Breathing

5th & 6th Exercises of Full Awareness of Breathing